3 Morning Affirmations that Kick A$$!

Here are three things you can tell yourself every morning to put your self in the most empowering state of mind!

1. This is my day and no one will ruin it!

2. I am one with everything around me and everything around me works with me.

3. I am a f*^king champion!

Say all three or just one every morning, before a presentation, event, important conversation, or a potentially aggravating situation. Let us know how you feel!

28 responses to “3 Morning Affirmations that Kick A$$!

  1. After just a few minutes on your page I’ve found tons of valuable information. I hope you wouldn’t mind if I share some of your advice by providing links to you on my page.

  2. Positive energy breeds more positive energy. I think I will add this to my daily routine, along with a little prayer and thanks giving to the Lord God.

  3. Hi, thanks for dropping by over at my blog. I love your posts, simply empowering!!! The world certainly needs more of this 🙂 Thank you!

  4. Excellent affirmations! Will definitely recite them every morning. Just a little thought: could #1 be reworded in a way that’s not a double negative?

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