Start Before You Are Ready


Start before you are ready. Most people spend their entire lives waiting. Most people are convinced that after they get, do and have just this ‘one last thing’ that they will be ready to undertake a new venture or a new opportunity. For the overwhelming majority, that day never comes.

Opportunity comes to those who create their own luck by taking action. Yes patience is important and you can’t just jump on every initial opportunity that presents itself. However, always remember that you will never have, do or become what you want unless you start. Life and time do not wait for anyone. The best time to start IS ALWAYS NOW!

26 responses to “Start Before You Are Ready

  1. very timely for me especially about a project that was shelved few years back because our priority was facing a family member’s health challenges in life. your blog seems to be a red button flashing “Start!” as in “Start now!” thank you 🙂

  2. Adding to the AMAZING quote above: “we are stuck when there is no task in sight, not when we got one but not know how to do it” -cannot remember where I read this…

  3. Many years ago, my husband and I scouted for a block of land. The purchase would involve moving from one state to another, finding new jobs and changing our lifestyle from city to country. The Real Estate agent advised us not to think about it too much, to follow our hearts and just DO it! We did, despite uncertainties, and never looked back. You are right: start before you are “ready”.

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  5. Great words. These words hold real meaning for the person who knows that s/he has been postponing doing the important thing. It is like a wake up call to them. To others, we can only hope they realize the truth, sooner or later.

  6. This one’s very helpful. I’ve been thinking of “going outside my box” these past few days but I am still very undecided. I am planning of taking a new venture but I am too scared to take the risk. Hay!

  7. I’m -hopefully- not going to say too much of what everyone else has been saying, as you already know it. So, I liked the quote and think that you Have A Point.


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