“Let us fight to free the world” -Charlie Chaplin

Wow! I was just blown away after hearing this speech for the first time. I find it so amazing how someone who is known for their silent films, gives such an inspiring and loving speech. THIS IS A MUST WATCH! Enjoy all!

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  2. That was awesome! Makes you think…what am I doing with my freedom and with my agency? Thank you!

  3. I came across this for the first time quite recently and it is a truly wonderful speech. Thanks for sharing…it’s always good to listen and re-listen to such inspirational words 🙂

  4. Wow indeed. This is one of those rare clips which bears watching again. the only question I have is about his facial expression at the end of his speech. What was he trying to convey? I am going to reblog this. I hope that is OK, please let me know if I should not do that in the future.

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    The author of this post found a truly inspiring video clip. It is acted by and probably written by Charlie Chaplin. We all need inspiration and hope and you can find it here.

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    This, is a great speach. -grins- …Does anyone recognise the movie ‘The Great Dicatator’? Well, consider watching it. Especially if you are interested in history or a good movie. Or a good speaker.

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