The seeds we plant



If we want oranges, we plant orange seeds. If we want lemons, we plant lemon seeds. As you know, one fruit might have 10 seeds, but who really knows how many fruits we get from 1 planted seed. When we plant 1 seed we have the potential to get many, many fruits.

So what happens when we start planting negative thoughts, doubts and fears?

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  2. Very true. Thank you for sharing! Let the health of the harvest reflect a human’s heart and soul. Seeds do not germinate in the dark, they do not unfurl their sprouts, just as negativity does not open our thoughts. If everyone could see the forest for the seeds, they would realize that the potential for positive progress lies within.

  3. Or in other words, if you feed on depravity it will “kill you”, and if you inhale purity you’ll be blessed. Try not to dwell on the setbacks and knocks of life.

  4. I read through this and was feeling enlightened by the fact that If we plant 1 seed we can get many fruits. I believe so I have put 1 positive seed in my head awhile ago and it almost went “too well” I really was just amazed at how fast and rapidly it grew into a positive experience that I still am getting today. thank you for sharing this and I wish you well!

  5. No problem. Just plant some more positive thoughts and let them duke it out with the negative ones. See those roots tangling and strangling the negativity. The survival of the fittest, right?

  6. Very beautiful quote!!!! Many still cannot believe in the power of our thoughts and words…

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