House boats are only for the super rich? Not anymore!

According to 19- year old engineering phenom Boylan Slat, he believes house boats can be used as not only a luxury item, but a tool to help rid the ocean of floating debris. These house boats would be used as ‘floating brooms’ in some of the oceans most polluted areas! Why isn’t this on the front page of all newspapers?

So, are house boats only for the super rich? Well, I guess it depends on how you define super rich, but it is for those who want luxury items that have the ability to give back!

“If you’re not giving back, you’re taking too much.”

Check it our for yourself!

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    Check this out! I love being on boats, houseboats, sailboats. The sound of the water, the waves, the elements, I find very soothing. One of my biggest pet peeves is garbage in our oceans. Every time I walk on the shorelines anywhere, I try to pick up some debris, and do a small part. Together, we can make a BIG DIFFERENCE!!

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