Have gratitude for it ALL!

“If you can’t appreciate the small things, you will never be able to appreciate the BIG things”

We want more. We want the best. We want to constantly improve the quality of our life! Great! Truly great! Wanting better and being focused on progress, is a great mental habit to have! HOWEVER, that mindset must be balanced in order for it to be effective. In order to put ourselves in position to create, give and receive bigger and better things, we must show ourselves and the world that we are able to MASTER the small things. When we are able to master our small things, we actually add value and significance to them, which in turn adds value and significance to our own lives. We must treat our small things as big things. Just to be clear, when I say things, in this instance, I mean anything positive in our lives. I don’t mean a parking ticket is like a felony. I mean that every morning is the opportunity to make something great happen. Everyday should not be seen as ‘just another day’. Life would be ‘just another day’ if it lasted forever. Treating life as if it will last forever, not being gracious of our small things and treating opportunities casually, actually reinforces in  our mind this idea that these things are not important and we are not deserving. What we think will always be shown in our behavior – leading to things getting pushed off, pushed back and plans never coming to fruition. Appreciate and love what you have now, not just once and a while but on a regular basis. Why not start and end your day training yourself to be thankful for all the wonderful things that are going right in your life. Start your day off IN CONTROL  and take control of your focus and your emotions!  Try spending the first 15 minutes of every morning showing gratitude to the specific areas of your life (health, family, spirituality, career, charity), with a focus on the small things, the details. See if your days start and end different. Then let me know!

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  1. When I started regularly thanking the universe for all and everything that I have — throughout the day — it seems that the universe gave me more — and, continues to give me more to be thankful for.

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