Love your self, love your world!


Here is my Valentine’s Day post! I hope you enjoy! The many forms of LOVE!

Many times we can get caught up on the idea that LOVE has to do with someone else. We can believe that LOVE is received from someone else or given to someone else. But what about the self? Because you can’t give what you done have!

The greatest relationship we have is the one to our self! The more we love our selves, with our flaws and all, the more we will be able to show healthy love to someone else.

What about in our lives? How can we show LOVE in our lives when our lives are far from perfect?

None of our lives are perfect. We are all dealing with obstacles, tough decisions, and tough circumstances – all day every day. The challenges we face are habitual. So to counteract, one of the many things we can do is create an empowering habit of daily gratitude and reflection. As I do in my own life, constant reflection and focus on all that you LOVE about your life, all that excites you about life and all that makes you proud about your life is a sure fire way to find the LOVE in life.

LOVING relationships with our family, friends, girlfriend, boyfriends, husbands and wives, sharing experiences with our loved ones are what makes life worth living. Having high quality relationships allows you to deal with challenges at a much higher level since you always have a high level of support. But keep in mind we cannot truly LOVE another, until we truly LOVE ALL OF OURSELF, flaws and all!!!

Where there is love there is life.” –Ghandi

The larger you love, the larger your life!

On that note, Happy Valentines Day All!!!!!

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  1. I wanted to thank you for following my blog. It’s much appreciated. Looks like I could learn a lot from you and you have a very large following. I’ll check in as often as possible with you. You are correct. The most important relationship we can have is with outselves. I’m still discovering that person. Look forward to many more visits.

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